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About  Me

Hi, I’m Kavita.
I empower Soulful Entrepreneurs like you to Succeed on their own terms. Strategy + Subconscious Mindset work = Your Aligned Success

 My Clients Say they have experienced:
Renewed sense of Purpose, Reconnection, Trust in their Intuition, Elevated Income, Holistic support, spiritual connection/reconnection, clarity, confidence, felt nurtured, supported, authentically seen, achieved aligned success while feeling honored in their uniqueness. 

a few years ago...

I was lost, confused, burnt out, overworking and had health challenges. But now...

Through my own inner work with coaches/mentors and multiple training programs and certifications, I am fulfilling my purpose, owning my worth, and am successful on my own terms.

Do you feel lost, confused, stressed out or overwhelmed in your business? Are you unsure about how you can grow and scale your soul purpose business? Are you trying all the things... Your efforts don't match your results? It is time for your life to change - your business to thrive - I know it is possible!

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs fulfill their soul's purpose through a Successful, profitable business without stress.

You may feel like everyone else seems to know how to grow their businesses, there is a secret you don't know

Challenges and resistance are part of the process when you are fulfilling your purpose through a business but you don't have to stay stuck or blocked.

When you are done with jumping from strategy to strategy, taking yet another training program, or following programs that supposedly teach you the only way to success - then you are ready for your true aligned success path
If you are ready to stop struggling and start shining - We need to talk!

I know how you feel- I have been on the hamster wheel-  Let me support you in shortening the path your aligned business. Let me help you opulently shine

Do you need: Unconditional understanding, aligned support, a clear strategy to grow that matches your uniqueness? 

Are you ready to breakthrough your glass ceiling and patterns? 


As a soulful entrepreneur - Is your calling you to expand? 

“In working with Kavita, I found a coach who has truly invested in her clients' well-being & a friend who authentically cares.” 

-Maria paula rey



I love all things spiritual - crystals, astrology, Reiki, energy, and sometimes feel like I feel too much


I own way too many yoga pants and could live in them forever.


I collect oracle cards - my collection is larger than you think. 


I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and spent my summers/holidays working in the family business.

Fun Facts About Me


Master Spiritual Business and Success Coach.  Empower soulful entrepreneurs to grow a profitable biz 💫 Clear Path to Success💫1st/2nd Gen 💫 Spiritual 💫 Soul Purpose ✨aligned energy