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Are you a Female Entrepreneur who knows you can make a bigger impact!
As a Spiritual Business and Life Coach I empower you to combine your soul's purpose along with strategy and mindset/subconscious work so you can achieve your Aligned Success


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Abundance Visualization & Exercise

Are you struggling to find balance between purpose and profitability?. I've compiled practical alternatives to five of the most common mistakes made by empaths in business. 

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5 Common Mistakes Empathic Entrepreneurs Make

5 Ways to Feed Your Soul & Rise into Your Leadership

Do you feel stuck, unfulfilled, or just simply burned out? Are you ready to move past your blocks into your purposeful leadership?

This visualization exercise will ignite and start the process of unblocking your abundance. It's time to opulently shine and unlock your abundance. 

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Are you ready to scale and grow your purposeful, profitable spiritual business without burnout/hustle/overwork?

  • Have you started your business as a Soul's calling but now you are stuck on a hamster wheel? 
  • Are you tired of trying everything to make your business grow and scale but nothing works? 
  • Do you feel lost, confused, stressed, AND/OR overwhelmed and sometimes wonder if you need to do something else?


 1:1 Spiritual Business Coaching

If you are ready for personalized, holistic, spiritual and strategic coaching from a mentor who has not only been where you are and knows how to create a nourishing business aligned with your soul, then you are in the right place.  Along with strategy I will also work with you to overcome subconscious blocks, know yourself at a deeper level, and create a business that is aligned with you. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. I don’t teach the same marketing strategies and rinse/repeat with all my clients. 

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The Soulful Entrepreneur's Club™

Abundance, Vision, and Clarity. Start here if you want to start the process of activating a clear vision or abundance, AND you want to be in a community of soulful entrepreneurs.
Meet bi-weekly in a small group led by Kavita Melwani, a Master Certified Spiritual Business Coach. 

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“I am a much more confident, and perceptive person after our sessions. I feel that I know myself much better now, than even six months ago.” 


Your aligned success is my calling. 

Kavita Melwani is a Master Spiritual Business and Success coach, a highly-sensitive woman and an empath. She combines her experience, training and intuition to guide her clients to achieve their highest vision of success.
Kavita is also a mother to two beautiful boys, a first-generation/2nd generation American and a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated various businesses since 2003. The turning point in her life came when she started to work with a life coach to recognize her true gifts and calling. 
Kavita is intuitive, holistic, spiritual, multi-cultural, sometimes a misfit, nurturer, supporter and visionary.

About me


Empowering Female Entrepreneurs fulfill their soul's purpose through a Successful, profitable business without stress.



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5 Keys to Attract Dream Clients You Love

Are you running around in circles trying to figure out the secret formula for success as an empathic entrepreneur. You have a deep desire to serve -
You’re not alone. After 9 years of working with women just like you AND running various businesses since 2003- I’ve compiled a list of the
On the other hand if you want to attract your dream clients in an aligned way then get your copy.

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(P.S. I see you empathic, soulful entrepreneur 😉)

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Master Spiritual Business and Success Coach.  Empower soulful entrepreneurs to grow a profitable biz 💫 Clear Path to Success💫1st/2nd Gen 💫 Spiritual 💫 Soul Purpose ✨aligned energy