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Masterclass: Attract Dream Clients You Love

Are you spending time marketing in all the places and just not attracting clients that you love or many clients at all?

Do you have a deep desire to serve but you are experiencing challenges with attracting your soul clients?

Join me for a powerful FREE event.

Special Bonus if you show up live, you can answer questions and receive live coaching.

In this Masterclass:

💫 DISCOVER key steps you must take to attract your dream clients

💫 EXPERIENCE Powerful exercises to help you clarify your gaps – so you can ignite your client attraction.

💫 Master how to overcome the common challenges spiritual entrepreneurs face that halts their growth

💫 Establish the most aligned way to use AI to support your client attraction

💫 Learn how to use aligned marketing so you can not only attract your dream clients but also run your dream business.


Kavita Melwani, is a Spiritual Success and Business Coach who has almost 20 years of experience owning and operating various successful businesses.

She is passionate about guiding heart-centered, empathic, conscious souls to run purposeful, profitable businesses without the hustle.


Master Spiritual Business and Success Coach.  Empower soulful entrepreneurs to grow a profitable biz 💫 Clear Path to Success💫1st/2nd Gen 💫 Spiritual 💫 Soul Purpose ✨aligned energy