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Overcome Subconscious Blocks for Your Business Success

Are you stuck at the same income level, number of clients, or lack of time in your business despite all your efforts? 

Have you taken steps to change your results, but things seem to end up almost exactly the same? 

Do you know there is something beyond an external step that is stopping you? 

If you answered yes to any of the above (or all of them), then this masterclass is for you! 

Overcome Subconscious Blocks for Your Business Success

Tuesday, July 9th at 1 PM PST (60 minutes)

If you want to shine your light and reach your desired level of success, join me for this powerful 60-minute interactive masterclass.

In this masterclass, I will support you to: 

​💜DISCOVER your subconscious success blocks that are stopping you from your success. (what are the hidden mental barriers that prevent you from achieving success)

​💜EXPERIENCE a Powerful exercise to help you move past one of your subconscious blocks

​💜LEARN how to overcome the common challenges spiritual entrepreneurs face that halt their growth

Special Bonus if you show up live, you can receive live coaching and a special bonus.

*If you want to attend but can’t be there live, go ahead and register. The recording will be available for a limited time after the class.

Kavita Melwani
Spiritual Business coach

Kavita Melwani, is a Spiritual Success and Business Coach with almost 20 years of experience owning and operating various successful businesses. 

She is passionate about guiding heart-centered, empathic, conscious souls to run purposeful, profitable businesses without the hustle.


Master Spiritual Business and Success Coach.  Empower soulful entrepreneurs to grow a profitable biz 💫 Clear Path to Success💫1st/2nd Gen 💫 Spiritual 💫 Soul Purpose ✨aligned energy