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What My Client’s are Saying…


Kavita has helped me build my confidence, encouraged me to figure out what my “niche” market is and taught me a lot about online marketing. For someone with very little marketing experience, this was HUGE for me. She also helped me learn how to change my thoughts to be able to be more proactive with building my business and work through my fears.

Pra R., Health and Wellness Coach

As someone early in my career, I feel that our working together has helped me to build an excellent foundation for continued success, both professionally and personally. I feel I have more clarity and stronger intuition than I did before.

~Kristina L., Marketing Professional

Coaching has helped me unload burdens that I didn’t realize I was carrying. I originally had this avoidant mindset and focusing *only* on positives in life and all of a sudden, I found myself dwelling in sadness and not knowing why. I’ve learned to honor my thoughts and emotions, regardless if they are positive or negative, and find purpose in them.

~Ivana, ICU Nurse

Kavita is a genuinely soulful, empathic, and enlightened coach. I discovered a whole new way of addressing my issues through her methods. She gave me multiple journaling tips, names of spiritual or thought leaders, podcasts, books, visualizations, meditations, and more. I felt empowered doing the work rather than expecting answers or shifts from just talk therapy. Kavita strongly encouraged me to listen to my body with compassion, create more self-care, and set more boundaries with others. I am eternally grateful to her.

Kavita has a huge depth of knowledge and experience, together with a warm, kind and compassionate nature. I never feel judged by her. These qualities, together with her empathic intuition, have led me to incredible “breakthroughs” that did not occur with “regular” therapists. I am so grateful to have found her.

~Rachel, Physician

I had not previously worked with a coach. It was difficult for me to move from a position of the one who guides to the one who needed to ask for guidance, but Kavita has been the perfect partner in this journey. She listens incredibly deeply, allowing me to find my inner wisdom and offering tools that have helped me to live more authentically, consciously, and connected to my purpose.

~J. Wilson, a Former Social work professional

Before I met Kavita, I knew I was a “highly sensitive person” but had no idea of how to support myself around that. I was used to rushing and confusion and feeling overwhelmed and overdrawn. I had no idea where my center was, but I knew I had one!

After working with Kavita, I now have habits and awareness of self-pacing and self-compassion. I can take differing kinds of overwhelm and address them in simple, direct ways. I know how to listen for my intuition and to connect with the wisdom of my heart (as corny as that sounds—for me, it turns out it’s a real thing and is now easy to access).

I would recommend Kavita as a coach because she is at once grounded AND intuitive, clear AND sensitive to the needs of her client. She knows her talk from her own walk, she holds space for emotion better than anyone I know, and she is great at brainstorming practical steps for healthy boundaries. She knows many, many ways of implementing real self-care and is always adding to her repertoire. She deeply honors individuality: seeing deeply, remembering you in all your details.

So all I can say now is: is this the kind of person you currently want on your team? Give her a call and let yourself find out.

~B.Sea, Quilt maker and Astrologer

Before I met Kavita, I felt out of control of my thoughts, feelings, and my life in general. I often assumed it was just ‘normal’ for me to have mental break downs weekly, and did not understand why everyone else seemed to be able to handle everything with much more ease. Kavita introduced me to the concept of being highly sensitive. Accepting that I was a highly sensitive person actually gave me a sense of relief, and I felt less alone or abnormal. She also instilled within me that being highly sensitive is not a weakness and that there are actually many strengths I offer by being highly sensitive, and that there are ways to live my life that will allow ME to also live life with ease and in a state of consistent happiness. Kavita taught me different ways to manage my time with work for each week, which reduced my constant start-of-the-week anxiety, and eliminate my breakdowns about not getting things done on time. She also explained how important it is to factor in self-care into my schedule, again allowing me to live in a state of high vibration, and handle everything I had to get done in a productive and clear state of mind. Kavita taught me how to slow my thoughts down, breathe, and figure out ways to handle my problems so that my previous persistent anxiety reduced to almost none. Furthermore, she taught me various coping mechanisms, so that when anxiety, sadness, or anger did take over my mind, I could snap back into a better state much faster. Working with Kavita changed my life and allowed me to live in a loving and happy place that I did not know existed. I am forever grateful for her and recommend her to anyone who is ready to live their best and fullest life, even if you do not know what that looks like yet!  

~Natalie, Graduate Student

“Before I met Kavita I was extremely frustrated with my career, feeling overwhelmed and lost. I was inspired to work with Kavita because of her expertise, particularly with highly sensitive persons (of which I am one). Working with Kavita proved even more remarkable than I had envisioned. Her calm and steady approach has the rare ability to help one create life transformations and significant shifts almost without awareness that it is happening. Through my work with Kavita I was able to see the gifts of my current career while exploring new options. I became very clear on my values, mission, and what truly is important. It is such a gift to be able to view my life through that lens.

Her expertise and knowledge were evident throughout every session. I would highly recommend Kavita because she is masterful at guiding you to your next right step or answer, even when it isn’t what you may have expected, yet is exactly where you are supposed to be!”

~Sami, Director, National Reviews

” I wanted to update you on how things have been!  First and foremost I want to thank you for all of your help.   It was because of your help that I made the changes in my life that needed to be made in order for me to live my best life!  I believe when we left off, I was in turmoil about separating or not.  Well so glad I did that!  My ex moved out…I broke my lease early on my rental, found another tenant to take over my lease and found a very affordable small 2 bdrm for me and my kids in the same area.   It was quite an adjustment for the boys and I but I kept up with my journaling, my vision board, affirmations and kept upbeat and we all got through the transition!  I love my little rental as I filled it with all things that make me happy!   I started painting again, joined ballroom dance classes, reconnected with friends and am happy again!

Also, I was able to take my boys to Europe for ten days which was amazing!  Just me and them! My son who had given me a hard time due to his drug use…finally turned a corner and graduated from high school.  I dropped him off at the dorms at University two weeks ago.  So happy for him! My youngest is doing better and is now in 10th grade.  He is determined to do well in high school. He sees his dad twice a week which is enough for him he says.

I am doing great now and it all started with your motivational sessions.  I have days when I start feeling down but I practice what you taught me and those down days are becoming fewer and fewer.  Thanks again Kavita!”

~Name Withheld, San Jose, CA

“Before I met Kavita I was suffering from chronic and debilitating pain, anxiety and depression, and awaiting medical tests and results that could seriously affect my future.

Kavita helped me in many ways, some difficult to describe. First was to understand my situation, disposition and expectations. She helped me focus on what was important, what was enjoyable, and what would allow me to move forward. Some things would seem insignificant to an outsider, but just guiding my activities to focus on things that I enjoyed doing, helped me climb out of the hole that I was in. The pain I was experiencing meant that at times I did not want to continue and Kavita provided me the means and motivation to keep going.

I am now enjoying my life more than ever before. One of the medical conditions I was diagnosed with, and that has no known cure, has gone. I feel like I have a new lease on life and marvel at life’s wonder every day.

I would highly recommend Kavita because she has an innate ability (or intuition), that allows her to provide the most appropriate guidance to the individual. She brought me back from the brink.”

~ Greg K, IT Professional

“I’ve spoken with Kavita a few times, but was thrilled to finally have a real “session” with her the other night!  Even though we live in different states, she was able to do the hypnosis session over the phone!  She was so calming and I had an amazing experience!  Before we started she spent some time helping me get clear on what I was looking to change/attract in my life.   While in the session she asked me to really “see” the thing I’m trying to attract in front of me.  She asked me to see the details – and I DID!  I actually saw numbers and dates on the paper I was envisioning!  After, Kavita even emailed the session to me so I can listen to it again.  Thank you so much Kavita!  The experience was great, and I’ve been replaying it in my head for the past 2 days!!  I know this is going to help me, I can already feel it!  I would highly recommend her for hypnosis and life coaching!”

~  Angie W., Psychic Medium

“Prior to working with Kavita my life was a Huge mess in all aspects possible: emotionally, mentally, and professionally. Kavita’s presence in my life has played a tremendous role in getting me back on track with all of those issues. Kavita has helped me learn how to ground myself with the help of guided-meditation and feel a sense of peace and balance within myself. She has opened my eyes to a lot of self-discoveries which in turn have helped me find the true strength within me. With Kavita’s guidance I was able to get out of an abusive relationship (emotional and verbal abuse) that I was trapped in for close to ten years. I also became more capable to regain confidence in my professional abilities and my skill set after a 2+ year gap in my career and I’ve learned how to embrace myself the way I am and be authentic with myself and others in all the ways possible. Kavita was able to guide me to my true happiness and she has really put in the time and effort to really listen to me and help me with my life struggles. I would strongly recommend Kavita to any of my friends and/or family who are looking for a life coach or mentor to guide them through their struggles.”

~ Olga Arkhangelskaya, Administrative Professional

I meant every word. I wouldn’t not be where I am today had we not had our conversations last winter! I’m so excited to be pursuing something that lights me up and sets my soul on fire. 🙂 Thank you for helping me realize how unhappy I was and how great life could be doing something else!

~ Chelsea Foster, Peony Printshop

“Before I started working with Kavita I was exhausted, stuck and disconnected from myself and my loved ones. After working with her I have reconnected with my family and some friends. More importantly, I now feel like I have some control over my life and things have become easier because I have learned to reconnect with myself. I have also been able to do what was needed in my life and business despite my fear. I know that I still have work today and definitely would recommend working with Kavita if you want to get back on track to living a more balanced life where you are connected with yourself and those that you love. “

~ Fran Phillip, Entrepreneur/wellness professional

“Before working with Kavita I had tried various times to lose weight. I finally decided to try something different, with the hypnosis sessions I became motivated to do what I need to do in order to lose weight. The sessions increased my motivation and will to succeed. She helped me get more in touch with myself and release some emotional energy I had attached to a childhood memory that I wasn’t aware of. I would highly recommend Kavita.”

~ Paty Wilkerson, entrepreneur/Beautician

“Before we began working together I was struggling with stress and feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. As we began working together I was able to learn some valuable tools to help me feel more relaxed throughout my day.  Without these tools, I wouldn’t be able to work through the rough times in the manner that I did and to gain a clearer focus on living a purposeful life.  With Kavita’s support, I was able to let go of some past guilt and anger that was preventing me from moving forward in my life. I now feel lighter, stronger, and more empowered to deal with my daily life and it’s irritations. I am thankful to Kavita’s humanity and care.  She is a wonderful person. I would highly recommend working with Kavita if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed in your life.”

~ Tina Lu, finance and administrative professional

“Through our sessions together I have learned to accept my strengths and know that I can’t be good at everything and that’s OK. I have come to realize what my strengths are and was able to work on the things I am good at! You helped me reinforce my own strengths and not be so hard on myself! My confidence and self-acceptance has increased! The Joy in my business has increased. I am clear as to what I need to focus on and know that taking care of myself must be part of the equation. “

~ Jill Christian,

“Kavita is a woman who truly lives to flourish and seeks to help others do the same. She not only hears you, she listens in the most loving and nurturing of ways – so you have a comfortable and safe place to bloom. I would highly recommend working with Kavita if you want to grow and improve in the context of your busy life, because she not only makes it possible, she makes it enjoyable too! In working with Kavita I found a coach who is truly invested in her clients’ well-being and a friend who authentically cares. Thank you! “

~ MariaPaula Rey, Florida

“Kavita always applies her natural wisdom and insights to our coaching sessions in a caring and compassionate way. She asks powerful questions and uses fun processes which prompt me to find the necessary clarity regarding my concerns.  I always feel heard and at the end of the call, I feel more relaxed and positive about the issues I am working with.”

~ Louise Harvey, Life Coach

“Comfort, ease in communication, confidence – three of the many benefits I feel after completion of a session with Kavita. Never would I have thought that the stress, anxiety and discomfort I was experiencing were really as widespread as they are, and I am so grateful to say Kavita has helped me overcome existing demons as well as ensure future negative emotions stop from arising. The soothing calm of her voice along with her extensive knowledge of mental and emotional disruptions truly have helped in my realization of what’s the most important in life – the pursuit of happiness. I have become a mentally stronger and more of an emotionally balanced person because of Kavita. Thank you for bringing so much positivity to my life!”

~ Anushi Parikh, Entrepreneur

“I started my sessions with Kavita shortly after a series of dramatic life changes, in a really low point of my life. I felt lost, and confused about my short and long term goals.

Kavita consulted me first to see if I was an appropriate candidate for her services. Once that was confirmed, she worked with me to create an action plan for various goals in my life. What I liked most about our time together, was that she empowered me to advocate for myself. I had not even known before we met, that I was doing certain things that did not align with my values. In addition, she was very good at helping me turn obstacles into manageable goals. She helped me uncover my “blocks” and changed my mindset about life’s hurdles.

I am a much more confident, and perceptive person after our sessions. I feel that I know myself much better now, than I did even six months ago. I knew that even after our first session together, she would be a positive influence in my life. The best part, is that it’s truly you that is making the change, with much-needed guidance and direction from Kavita-Thanks again Kavita!”

~ Kimberly Foote


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