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4 Tools to have your AHA moment

April 30, 2015

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What is an “Aha” moment? When I think of an aha moment, I picture those cartoons with a light bulb going on above  the character’s head. The fact is that these moments can be pivotal points in our lives. These are the moments that guide us to make changes in our lives such as going back to school, starting a business or solving a problem. The April 2015 issue of Psychology today discussed the value of an “aha” moment and some ways to trigger an “aha” when you need one. I wanted to share some of the their strategies with  you today.

According to this article, here are some possible ways:

1. Meditation:

I have to admit this is my favorite suggestion. By meditating you allow your mind to relax which can give you the space for a solution to emerge.  There are many ways to meditate and one key is to let go of your expectations of what constitutes a good meditation session. If you want more information on how to meditate you can register for my free gift recording on the right 🙂

2. Exercise:

When the article discussed this option, they suggested doing some sort of physical activity that doesn’t require much thinking, for at least 30 minutes. Through the physical activity your mind will be able to focus and detach, and a unique insight can come. Some ideas may be to go for a walk, run or bike. The physical activity gets your blood flowing and is a great way to detach from your situation.

  1. Travel:

When you travel you break up your routine which in itself can bring new insight. The idea is that when you are not in your normal mode of thinking you are able to have a fresh outlook on life. Travel can be a day trip or if you are lucky enough you can take a week or more. The key is to detach yourself form the issue at hand, really immerse yourself in your environment. Plus, I love to travel, don’t you?

  1. Journal:

Write down everything about your situation, don’t think about or judge what comes out, allow it to flow. When you allow that free flow of thoughts some great insights can occur. This technique would be especially effective after some exercise or meditation. According to the article, Darwin’s notebooks were full of insights and hunches.

This is a brief summary of the article. If you are interested in a more detailed look at the aha moment, check out the April 2015 issue of Psychology Today.

As usual if you are looking for support in your AHA moments contact me for a complimentary clarity session.

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