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Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

How to Overcome Overwhelm: 3 Effective Strategies

December 17, 2015

I’m Kavita
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The end of the year is a joyous and stressful time for many. In fact, as I am just going about my daily activities I can sense the shift in energy around me. There is definitely a higher level of stress and busyness surrounding all of us. Today I woke up feeling just plain exhausted. Most people that I meet and speak to feel the same way. Today I started to examine what is causing my stress and overwhelm and what I can do to go back into a place of ease and flow. I know that staying in the state of stress and overwhelm taxes your system and can lead to many illnesses so it just isn’t worth it. I came up with some strategies that have helped me in the past. If you are feeling the higher level of stress and overwhelm right now, I hope these strategies benefit you.

  1. Take some deep breaths. This may seem obvious but when we are under stress our breath becomes shallow. Taking some deep breaths is an easy way to calm our heart and mind. This morning I woke up feeling stress as I started to think about my day. At that moment I decided that I was going to take some deep breaths and acknowledge that worrying about all that I have to do is not going to get it done. Afterwards, I felt so much calmer and happier and it only took a few moments.
  2. Let go of “shoulds”. If you have read some of previous blogs I talk a lot about the “shoulds” of life. What are you doing right now that you really don’t want to? What is something you think you have to do? What if you let go of that, how would that change how you feel? Really look at your list and see what you don’t want to or need to do, what you feel like you should do. Can you eliminate those tasks or make them simpler.
  3. Set time boundaries. How many instances have you had a schedule in place and allowed others to walk over the boundaries you have created. It’s Ok to tell someone that you only can talk for a five minutes. It’s Ok to say No! We have been taught that we are selfish if we say no to something. Don’t allow others to eat up your time unnecessarily. You are in control. When you are setting boundaries with your time make sure you are honoring yourself and your needs. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, because if you are joyful you will bring joy to those around you.
  4. Change your story. When someone asks you how you are. What is your answer? Do you say, busy? It’s crazy? I have to admit I am guilty of doing just that. What if you changed your answer and therefore, changed your story? When someone asks you that question, choose to look at the blessings in your life and answer from your heart. Your busyness does not need to be worn as a badge of honor. Changing your story allows you to use the powerful words “I am” in a meaningful purposeful way to reduce your stress and change your perspective. Remember changing how you look at things changes what you are looking at.

I hope these tips help you improve your experience during this holiday season. My wish for you is that you increase your Joy, reduce your stress and be present to all your blessings.

As always I am here to support you. If you or anyone you know can benefit from support to move forward in their lives in a more purposeful and meaningful way. Please have them contact me for a complimentary clarity session.

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