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How to Manage the Corona Coaster as an HSP/Empath

How to Manage the Corona Coaster as an HSP/Empath

January 20, 2021

I’m Kavita
A Jungian Business and Success coach, a highly-sensitive woman and an empath. A mother of two beautiful boys, and a serial entrepreneur.
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The current global climate is causing more overwhelm and high emotions than usual, especially for those of us that are HSP’s or Empaths. I have heard the global pandemic referred to several times as the Corona Coaster, it is filled with collective amounts of trauma, hardship, but that doesn’t mean that all things that have come from this have to be negative. As an HSP or Empath, all of this may feel extra traumatic as we feel things on such a deep level. Many are wondering when life will go back to normal, but the reality of it is, it may never go back to the “normal” we knew before.

In this episode, I’m going to offer you some real, tangible strategies to help deal and cope with the changing global climate and the highs and lows of the corona coaster.

[1:47] The Corona Coaster

[4:11] Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how they’re being affected by the pandemic

[5:57] Disruption of Chakras and how that can cause you to feel

[8:10] How the feeling of not being safe, affects all other things

[11:52] Changing your perspective

[13:30] Your Physical Body is an essential source of wisdom, here’s how to listen to it.

[15:30] Other Emotions wearing the mask of Anger

[19:19] Learning to use creativity as an outlet 

Links Mentioned:

Dr. Gabor Mate’s video, The Connection Between Stress and Disease

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

Chakra system:

If you are interested in some of the essential oils I mentioned in this podcast: Lavender, Balance (grounding blend), Align, and Serenity. 

Here is a link to the site:

If You want to connect for a complimentary 30-minute clarity session to explore how you can individually thrive as an HSP/Empath, please apply here: 

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